Precrimped Weave

Triple Shoot

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
When it comes to tight mesh then pre-crimped weaves perform better than plain weaves and Triple Shoot weaves provide an optimum utility for liquid and sticky substance. The three wires inserted vertically on either side holds the wire mesh tightly but allows smooth flow of sticky and viscous material. We provide a perfect opening and dimension as per industry specifications.


  • Stainless steel stricture for rust free application
  • Easy to clean and non reactive surface
  • Tight mesh for better flow

Scalping Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Stone crushers and cement feeders in construction industry find an ideal application in Scalping Weave. The deep crimps ensure that the wires are locked in place and do not alter the mesh opening even after a heavy load application. The wires are light to medium as per usage and industry specification. We deploy the best stainless steel for a long shelf life.


  • Sturdy structure and rust proof metal alloy
  • Low carbon steel for an optimum outdoor application
  • Structural integrity for screening of heavy materials

Flat Top

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Viscous material and other fine substance requires a steady flow screening and Flat Top wire mesh provides the same. The surface has a flat weave when compared to other mesh patterns. It allows extremely flat substance to flow or pass through without any hassle. We measure every wire for optimum flatness and uniformity to ensure a smooth passage.


  • Smooth flow of material due to flat surface
  • Stainless steel surface for a sturdy and non reactive usage
  • Long lasting and easy to use

Twill Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Twill Weave has a combination of weft wire and a warp wire. Each weft wire passes alternatively through two consecutive warp wire and vice versa. It provides an enhanced strength and dimensional accuracy that does not fail under constant load. Wire dimensions are checked in pour automated plant for a perfect grip.


  • Pre-crimped wire for a better mesh opening
  • Ideal for light to medium substances
  • Does not react with acid or alkaline

Twilled Dutch Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Twilled Dutch Weave has a dense layering of weaves that are twilled and thus allows a double layer of weft wires. The weft wires intersect the warp wires and lie close to form a linen weave. The product you screen through has to pass through the sinuous pathway that is etched to the depth of the wire cloth. We deploy an automated process for twilling to achieve dimensional accuracy.


  • No apparent apertures and a dense weave
  • Non reactive to liquid and facilitates proper screening
  • Does not corrode in the presence of acid

Reverse Dutch Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
The weft and warp wires are reversed in property and weight for a Reverse Dutch Weave. The formation is dense with the weft wires being heavier than the warp wires. The close pattern weave makes it ideal for chemical and food industry to sieve and screen minute particles. Proper wire stretching allows us to reach dimensional requirement as per client specification.


  • Stainless steel wire that does not react to most of the chemicals
  • Dense weave for precision sieving
  • Long lasting structure and no thinning of wire

Rectangular Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Rectangular Weave follows a simple alternating pattern for a medium mesh. The wires here can be plain or pre-crimped as per specifications. It is ideal for sieving medium to large parts like sand. The mesh opening is subject to industry specifications. We use wires of uniform diameter to ensure perfect mesh openings.


  • Simple warp and weft wire alignment
  • Stainless steel or non ferrous metal alloy body
  • Uniform rectangular dimension for perfect screening

Plain Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Plain Weave is one of the most commonly used patterns for screening of light materials. The construction is simple and the weft and warp wires are of similar dimensions. The pattern uses each weft wire passing through alternate warp wire to provide a uniform square mesh. We adjust the density of the weave as per industry specifications.


  • Stainless Steel wire for a sturdy grip
  • Ideal to pass acids and alkaline
  • Uniform wire cross section for perfect sieving

Plain Dutch Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
The warp wires in Plain Dutch Weave remain straight while the weft are placed intertwined and close to each other. The formation provides a dense mesh that is ideal for screening fine material. The passageway is small and triangular in cross sectional view. We ensure that the weave is strong and dense to provide high quality screening.


  • Ideal for food and chemical industry
  • Dense weave that does not shift dimensions
  • The wire does not erode even under acid

Panel Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Panel Weave comes with its aesthetic value and flat structure. The wires are flattened and have a dense mesh that allows light and air to pass through. The openings are diamond shaped and provide dimensional accuracy and structural integrity to the design. We use high quality alloys to create a durable structure.


  • Dense weave to filter large impurities
  • Ideal for heavy loads and screening
  • Use in architectural industry

Multiplex Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Multiplex Weave combines the warp and weft precisely to form a dense structure with no apparent mesh openings. It finds a broad range of utility in galvanization, chemical and food industry. It is ideal as a sieve mesh in petroleum refinery. We deploy automated wire drawing process for uniform cross section.


  • Large number of minute pores
  • Utility in pre-coat filtration and drum filters
  • Wire dimension customized to suit requirements

Herringbone Twill Weave

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
Herringbone Twill Weave introduces a V-shaped pattern to the twill wire and looks like a broken zigzag with dense weave. They are available in metal clothing that is thin and apt for fine sieving of liquid and other chemicals. The filtration is apt and can segregate even the minutest of impurities. Proper screening of material and automated process helps us to get the perfect weave.


  • Can withstand Prolonged exposure to chemicals
  • Long lasting, fine but sturdy material
  • Stainless Steel wire for structural integrity

Double and Triple Warp

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
The dense interweaving of Double and Triple Warp provides the necessary structural integrity. The warp is closely knight in straight lines alternating the weft for the reverse pattern. The dimensions of wire depend on the industry specification and client requirement. Advanced wire drawing technology ensures the perfect cross section of the material.


  • Long life cycle due to low carbon steel wire
  • Dense mesh for close filtration
  • Structural integrity and close knit warp

SS Cables

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) 
SS Cables are interwoven to provide the best stability for a multi-faceted usage. We have developed an automated process of interweaving the wires to form a close grip that can bear high tension and electrical signal flow. The non rust surface makes it long lasting and sturdy. Our automated plant ensures that the wires pass through stringent quality tests.


  • Sturdy structure that lasts long without maintenance
  • High tensile strength to bear stress
  • Proper insulation for enhanced safety
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